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Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I visit my land?
    Generally yes, after your land is under permanent conservation with a park system. Your title of conservation enables you to visit your land using your unique GPS coordinates. Access may be limited by terrain and/or additional restrictions of the park system.
  • May I conserve less than 100sq.ft.?
    Yes, select "Conserve by the Sq.Ft." in the pull-down menu. During checkout, select your quantity in $1 increments. We conserve 1 sq.ft. of wild habitat on your behalf for every dollar. With this option, you'll be conserving odd-shaped spaces that remain after our micro-parceling process. Due to this, we are unable to issue a Title of Conservation for these 1 sq.ft. increments, but they are a valued part of the process, tax-deductible, and include a lifetime membership.
  • How long does the process take?
    You will receive a numbered title of conservation and membership immediately but it takes months to years for a project to become fully subscribed and for us to issue your exact GPS coordinates. The wait depends on how quickly others place reservations. We will keep you updated at significant milestones throughout the process.
  • Is my reservation refundable?
    Your reservation is fully refundable for any reason. Once your GPS coordinates are issued, your conservation becomes permanent and can not be reversed or refunded. Your numbered conservation certificate is always transferrable.
  • Is my conservation tax-deductible?
    Your conservation is tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowable by law. You may also designate your conservation as the beneficiary of any financial account; the Wild Land Trust will expand your conservation accordingly and administer it in perpetuity under your name. The Wild Land Trust is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit. IRS ruling year: 2001 | EIN: 38-3593009 | Wild Land Trust
  • May I camp on my land?
    In some cases, yes. Your conservation comes with a "leave-no-trace" policy for visits and there may be restrictions as your land becomes part of a national, state, or other protected area. Your land may be far from services, on a steep hill, or otherwise unsuitable for camping. However, we also have hospitality partners nearby who host regular gatherings and events for members.
  • What percentage of my funds will be used for conserving land?
    100% of your funds will be used to locate, purchase, and conserve land. We have outside donations to cover our minimal overhead costs. Our largest supporters are Google, which donates AdWord credits for visibility, and Salesforce, which donated our database.
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