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About the Wild Land Trust

We are Mother Nature’s tech platform, enabling you to rewild critical habitat and expand parks for $1/sq.ft. on your own or as a gift. Your conservation is permanent with exact GPS coordinates and includes a lifetime membership.


It's our goal to explore and enjoy the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Will you join us?

We also help organizations switch from "carbon credit" schemes to square-foot conservation, which is:

  • More engaging

  • Understandable and relatable

  • Science-backed and time tested

  • Recurring carbon capture rather than one-time

  • GPS-verifiable and transparent

  • Habitat for plants and animals

Wild land conservation isn't the solution to all ecological challenges we face, but it's something you can do today to make a tangible impact. Compared to human-managed lands, research indicates that wild lands are more resistant to fire and invasive species while providing greater carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

The Wild Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; EIN: 38-3593009


Our History


Seven years ago we were charged with conserving a mowed lot containing an abandoned swimming pool. We stepped back to see what Mother Nature would do, left to her own devices.

After just one year, saplings took root around the pool’s edge. Grasses and invasive plants grew waist-high and invited garter snakes and a family of gophers.

Over time, the saplings grew into shrubs and some areas became impassibly thick with life. The pool collected rainwater teaming with aquatic plants and larvae.

Then, an intriguing shift occurred.

As often happens, the invasive plants ran through the sweetest of the resources that gave them their foothold. They started to yield space back to native plants.

Today, the land is home to a wide variety of animals, plants, and fungi. The saplings are now medium-sized trees and have knocked down the pool walls to reclaim the space. Annual growth and decomposition of grasses, combined with falling leaves and bird droppings, has created a loamy forest floor that stands several inches higher than the surrounding land, representing a significant store of captured carbon.

This magical transformation has taken just several years.

We entrust Mother Nature as our land manager. In moments when humans step back, we’ve witnessed how wild animals and plants immediately return and thrive.

Who are we?

Transparent, accountable, data-driven conservation has made us the fastest-growing wild land trust in the USA.

What we do?

We founded the Wild Land Trust platform to bring joy in expanding parks and habitats with GPS-verified transparency.

Why Wild Land Trust?

  • Directly impact wildlife

  • 24/7 carbon capture

  • GPS verification

  • Permanent

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