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Conserve wilderness by the square foot

Your conservation is permanent and includes exact GPS coordinates.

How it Works

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You reserve wildlife habitat for yourself or as a gift today. We'll send you a title of conservation.

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We combine your reservation with thousands of others.


We buy habitat on your behalf and send you GPS coordinates to your exact conservation.

Your conservation is permanent, tax-deductible, and may be passed down to future generations.

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When you conserve, we prospect for logged lands, abandoned mines, and other decimated wilderness adjacent to existing parks to rewild on your behalf.


Receive lifetime membership including visitation rights and invitations to special events.

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Your Conservation Title

When you make a wild land reservation, we send you a numbered title of conservation immediately.

Once we purchase your land and place it under permanent conservation, we issue your exact GPS coordinates.

Corporate Matching

These employers will double employee conservations made through the Wild Land Trust.

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Microsoft Wild Land Trust Wildlife Habitat Conservation.png
Columbia Sportswear Wild Land Trust Wildlife Habitat Conservation.png
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Wild Land Trust Wildlife Habitat Conservation.png
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